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First things first, what exactly is Ambergris? It’s often referred to as the “floating gold” of the sea. This mysterious substance is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales and is found washed ashore on beaches around the world. Now, you might be wondering, why is it so precious?


 If you were one of the millions of Americans tuned in to last year’s College Football National championship, you may have noticed both punters were from Australia. And if you watched this year’s rendition of the College Football Playoff you once again noticed punters from down under dominating the kicking game, most notably Alabama punter James Burnip from Melbourne, Australia who was able to flip the field multiple times giving his team the Alabama Crimson Tide a chance to win the game. It’s an astonishing trend that has taken the American football world by storm.

Picture this: a city cloaked in perpetual winter, a wasteland forged by industry. Norilsk is not your typical urban landscape. It holds the ominous title of being the most polluted city on Earth, in addition to being the second largest city in the Arctic circle (Murmansk), and its story is as complex as the heavy smoke that shrouds its skyline.