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The Young Blood Discovery Festival is a live event designed to highlight up-and-coming artists within the world of independent music.

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Well Wisher

The band was founded in 2017 and has playing consistently ever since. They have released two albums, those being “This is Fine” and “That Weight”. 

Fun Fact: Natalie, the lead singer, is the touring bassist for the band The Front Bottoms.

Leo & the Maydays

The band is well-known within the Ithaca, NY area having played many local events and venues. They released their first album “Freshman” back in 2021.

Wall Carpets

The band was founded in 2022 and has been building up their fandom throughout New Jersey. They released their first EP “Take a Stroll” on New Year’s Day 2023.

Mystery Act?

Stay tuned for more information…

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953 Danby Road

Ithaca, NY 14850