Log Line

The age of misinformation is upon us and is being fueled by the reliance on the internet for information. “Faking the truth” is the answer to combat this spread of misinformation. “Faking the Truth” short form style is great to address misinformation in a fast moving show.

Mission Statement

To provide the facts to people so that they can make their own judgments on world events.


Providing the truth and nothing but the truth to people who can not handle truth.

Brand Statement

Let the facts control you not the other way around

Why watch our content ?

With the fast pace digital world, there needs to be a reliable source of news. Breaking down false news topics into easy bite, sizable content that anyone can learn from and enjoy. Breaking down what is fiction and what is fact. Check out our social media channels down below !

What is Faking the Truth ?

With the internet becoming more accessible every day. There has been a growing amount of misinformation that has been spreading all over the world. With major media outlets sharing misinformation on the daily, there have been new sources that make claims that are unbiased and share politically unbiased information. While for some networks this is true for the majority of them this is very untrue.  The idea behind this show is to prove popular misinformation on the internet wrong by showing the facts and breaking down the information into easy bite sized bits of information. By using a small form factor media, it will be able to give viewers correct information in a short amount of time.

Why is Fake news an issue?

Fake news has become a drastic issue in our society as of recently. With multiple politicians , news agencies and social media platforms spreading misinformation daily. We have citizens who are misinformed on a wide range of topics. This misinformation leads to a division across nations and the world. Leading to disagreements that can eventually lead to violence between parties. With fake news being promoted to help drive certain agendas.

Tom Andersen

Tom Andersen


Tom Andersen is a content creator based out of Holmdel New Jersey. He has been working creating digital content for over most his life. With creating short films in his early years and not moving on to creating digital content. Tom graduated  Ithaca college with a Telvsion and Radio degree with a minor in media literacy. Tom is now in graduate school at Ithaca college where he studies Media Management and Entertaintment.