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The idea behind the creation of a this Visual EP was to tell the story of the artist, encompassing the emotions she expresses in her music. Not only understanding one emotion within a singular song, but taking it further and developing the emotional path she went on through her three connective songs, “New Haven”, new release “Beware of the Dog”, and “director’s cut”. These songs allow for the understanding of the process of healing and takes the listener through the different stages one feels within this process. So, our goal with this music video was to be able to comvey this visually, where Kadio has already done so musically.


The first song in the video, “New Haven”, focuses on the interpersonal conflict of the artist she was dealing with as she was losing herself trying to please another person. This song represents the first realization of this and the lonely feeling around it.

As she recognizes the changes she needs to make “Beware of the Dog” comes next and conveys the frustration the artist was feeling with the journey of processing this emotional event that she had went through.

“director’s cut” plays on a movie metaphor where the artist describes the nostalgic feeling an original movie has to a certain time in your life and when an remake of that movie comes out everyone is so excited to relive the that time they remember while watching the original, but is never the same. The artist compares this to how she was seeking out comfort in things that were familiar to her, but it just wasn’t the same. She was able to learn from this and eventually get to those final steps in her healing process.


Give her social media platforms and music a look and find out what these very serious, very important projects of a very serious, very important cool girl are all about!

“Kadio” is the solo project of twenty-year old singer-songwriter Katie Lussen, currently based in New York City and the Lower Hudson Valley. A DIY musician who writes, records, and produces her music from the comfort of her bedroom, Katie released her very first single In the Air back in 2018 and has been sharing more of her homemade songs with the world ever since. Her most recent project, everything will be OK (2021), is a collection of home demos written as a love letter to her hometown and all of the people who shaped her early life. She was named a finalist in Tarrytown Music Hall’s “Rock the Hall” showcase for unsigned local artists in 2022 and is currently in the process of writing her next project, slated for release sometime in late 2023/early 2024.


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Jordan DeSilva

Project Manager, A&R, & Creative Director

Jordan DeSilva is lover of all things entertainment with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Sport Management and a minor in Live Event Design and Management and an M.B.A in Entertainment & Media Management from Ithaca College (Summer 2023). Jordan has a passion for using her logistical business side in combination with her creative aspirations to develop the brand and following of musical artists. Her past experiences working within sporting events such as Superbowl LVI and music & production companies such as Live2, she has gained experience in operations, research and outreach, A&R, and markerting. In addition, she continously expanding her knowledge of the entertainment industry and is always looking into what is new.

Shana de Urioste

Location Scout & Creative Director

Shana is a proud alumni of University of Southern California, earning her degree from the School of Cinematic Arts and a minor in Business Finance. As a competitive triathlete, outdoors adventurer, and solo traveler, Shana combines her passions with her destiny as a producer for film, tv, and entertainment. She’s has worked in the creative and strategy production departments at NBC Sports Olympics, Fox Sports, Fox Entertainment, and Fox Alternative Entertainment.

Bailey Day

Line Producer & Production Designer

Bailey Day is a creative producer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Television from the University of Arizona and an M.B.A in Entertainment Management from Ithaca College (Summer 2023). With the goal of creating greater representation on the screen, Bailey is always excited to help artists tell their unique stories. In her free time, she partners with local nonprofit organizations around the country, creating promotional media and short documentaries. Her work has earned recognition and awards at both domestic and international festivals, such as the LA Independent Women Film Awards, Paris Cinema Awards, and the Lift-off Filmmaker Sessions at Pinewood Studios, amongst others.

Mason Day


Mason Day is an artist with a long time love for film. With a Bachelor’s in Fine Art from the University of Arizona, he aims to tell meaningful and diverse stories that provoke thought about the nuances of life. As a writer, director, and cinematographer, Mason enjoys both the creative and technical aspects of the craft. His films have shown at festivals around the world and have received accolades in categories such as Best Cinematography, Sound Design, and Short Film. He looks forward to helping Kadio and the talented creative team bridge the gap between audio and visual as the cinematographer on their upcoming music video. You can learn more about Mason and his portfolio of work at Masondayfilm.com

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