"These things take time"

A Visual EP

South Hill Entertainment teamed with singer, songwriter Katie “Kadio” Lussen to produce a visual EP titled “These Things Take Time.” With the goal of telling the story of the artist, encompassing the emotions she expresses in her music, SHE produced the visual EP that was to be able to convey these emotions visually, what Kadio had already done so musically.

watch the Visual EP

“The Things Take Time” was released in April of 2023! The visual EP is available to stream on YouTube now. Also keep up with our socials to learn more about what’s happening on the South Hill.

"a letter to success"

“A Letter To Success” is a Hip-Hop/R&B influenced EP that represents the joining forces of artists, producers, other creatives and I to work towards the common goal of having success in the music industry. With the demand for this genre of music being so high, it is a perfect combination of promoting the South Hill Entertainment platform, help my professional development and showcase marquee undiscovered talent.


“A Letter To Success” is now streaming on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Listen to “A Letter To Success” now! 


Wild Hybrid (WH) is an indie-pop group founded by MBA cohort members Alex Kosick, Allison Hanafin, and Brynn Fielding. All members of Wild Hybrid come from varying music backgrounds, but are united in the fact that they were each members from three different a cappella groups at Ithaca College during their  undergraduate careers. Therefore, each member brings a unique timbre, tone and personality to the group, which creates a wild hybrid of sound and style. 

Wild Hybrid has two original indie-pop songs: Toy 3:33 AM. Both songs were written entirely by Wild Hybrid, and were created in collaboration with various engineers and editors. Landon Husted produced the track simultaneously as Wild Hybrid wrote, and Anthony Cubbage subsequently served as WH’s Vocal Editor. Joy Greene and Jenna Beaudoin from IC Recording Services tracked, mixed, and mastered the pair of songs.

This project has not only allowed for collaboration among various IC students, but has granted us the opportunity to work with professionals in the music industry as students and emerging talent. This process has taught us the ins and outs of creating music for distribution while providing room for authenticity and creativity.


“Wild Hybrid” is now streaming on Spotify! Listen to “Toy” and “3:33 AM” now! 



































































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