This year Title IX, the groundbreaking law that was meant to fight sex-based discrimination in educational institutions turns 50. But is it living up to that promise? A new podcast, Behind the IX, dives into that question, zooming in on NCAA women’s basketball. It’s produced by South Hill Entertainment and hosted by two trailblazing women; Dr. Ellen Staurowsky, a Title IX scholar, author, and women’s sports authority figure. Accompanying Staurowsky is her co-host Renee Washington, a former all-American soccer player turned sports anchor and analyst for ESPN and Fox Broadcaster.

Co-hosts Staurowsky and Washington will talk candidly about the challenges female athletes face, what Title IX promised and delivered, and the areas where it has failed. Key individuals within the sports community will be featured such as Big East commissioner Valerie Ackerman and sports reporter Lindsay Gibbs. Follow these two professionals in their fields and discuss with guests ranging from Division 1 athletes to athletic coordinators where we are now and what the future holds for collegiate athletics and equity in sports.

Behind the IX is a podcast produced by South Hill Entertainment and hosted by Dr. Ellen Staurowsky, and co-host Renee Washington.

Enacted in 1972 by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, Title IX protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.

Diving deep into the complexity of Title IX, Behind the IX invites guests ranging from athletic coordinators to Division 1  athletes to discuss the current  Title IX landscape. The content and conversation will speak to a wide audience and will aim to educate and inspire audiences into deeper reflection on the current issues still plaguing college athletics.

 “A big part of my career was that knowing as a female athlete I did not have the same opportunity, resources, swag, meals, and experiences that my male counterparts did.”

– Renee washington

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