Strong Bodies and Minds (Chris Bassi)

Blaze Riorden – Former lacrosse player at UAlbany, and current PLL and NLL player
Connor Buczek – Former lacrosse player at Cornell University and current Cornell Men’s Head Lacrosse coach
Katie Lever -Former Track and Filed Athlete at Western Kentucky, current PHD student at Texas

Strong Bodies and Minds is a live panel event that will discuss some difficult mental health topics in the world of sports. For many years mental health has been neglected by athletes and in this panel our goal is to reach as many student athletes as possible. The panel will be held at Ithaca College February 21st starting at 8 o’clock and running for about an hour. Our three guests our Katie, Connor Buczek, and Blaze Riorden

Social Media page – @strongbodiesandminds on Instagram

Call to action – Please feel free to reach out to use through our Instagram page and we hope to see you at the event!