Who's in Your Corner? - Call To Action

A public service announcement addressing drug and alcohol addiction services within the Tompkins County community.

Team Goals 

 “Drugs may seem like a solution, but they’re only a temporary escape from reality. With this ad, we hope to inspire faith in those who are in need and offer guidance to those who are searching.” – Samuel T. Plvan

 “Addiction affects everyone. It is important to raise awareness around this issue. With this ad, we hope to share the resources available within our local community.” – Max Sobel

“This project showcases a narrative story of an individual struggling with addiction, as well as real interviews with people working inside an addiction care facility. We hope that through this video we can weave both fiction and reality together to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that surrounds addiction.”. – Cooper Holmes

“To create a project that is authentic and portrays real sturggles that ordinary people go through everyday. Combining real life stories from patients and experiences of medical staff to portary the importance of having a strong support system in your corner in any battle one person is facing  ” – Chris Kiely

Services They Provided

The Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County (ADC) offered a path to greater wellness to people with addiction and strengthen our community through prevention and education programs. Hope drives their attitudes, relationships, and actions to project the belief that positive change can occur, and goals can be achieved. 

40 Quilts for 40 Beds

All of the 40 Beds in the Open Access Detox Center have a quilt that reflects the care and compassion of the local community.

Harm Reduction and Recovery

Took an evidence based approach to engage with people who use drugs by giving them life saving tools and information to set their own goals.


Community Education

ADC participated and offered several community awareness programs to expand their reach and raise addiction awareness within the community.  


Their philosophy was based on the premise that addiction is a treatable disease that has biological, psychological, social, and spiritual components. Accordingly, you would receive customized counseling services designed to address the internal and external factors in your individual addiction process.

Open Access Detox & Stabilization Center

Previously offered services by referrals only. Services include walk-in assessments, medication assisted treatment, Naloxone (Narcan) distribution, medically supervised withdrawal, stabilization, and follow up services. 


ADC abided by the New York State’s Office of Addiction Services and supports (OASAS) definition of prevention as a pro-active, research-based, data-driven process, utilizing proven-effective strategies and programs to reduce or prevent alcohol and other drug abuse in individuals, families, and communities.

“So much of my life I’ve felt hopeless and like giving up. Coming here, I feel hope again.”

Patient of ADC

“My Counselor helped me to see things about my life and my addiction that have helped me heal and move forward.”

Patient of ADC

“When I had sunk so low it felt impossible to get back up, I was grateful to find such caring people who hadn’t given up on me.”

Patient of ADC

“I’m thankful for all the staff here. The encouragement and support here was wonderful! They are building a strong team that will continue to help people for many years to come.”

Patient of ADC


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